Kitchen Remodel and Kitchen Renovations in Steilacoom


Planning a kitchen remodel in your Steilacoom, WA home to transform the cooking area from old to contemporary? Not sure where to start with your kitchen remodeling project? It's simple; just place a call to RCW Construction!

We are a leading home remodeling contractor that has been in business since 1990, and we specialize in carrying out kitchen makeovers and renovations. We have the expertise and experience to guide you in new kitchen design and build you the kitchen you dream of.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. The family spends more time together here than in any other room. That is why we offer customized services for kitchen remodels in Steilacoom homes. We work closely with our customers and their families while performing kitchen makeovers to make sure that the renovated kitchen we create is:

  • True to the ideas and vision of our customer
  • Tailored to suit the family's lifestyle
  • Warm and inviting
  • Highly practical and functional

Kitchen Remodeling Turns Dull and Out-Dated to Amazing!


With time, even the most tastefully designed and out-fitted kitchens start looking outdated. A kitchen remodel is an excellent investment that not only helps turn a dull kitchen into smart and stylish, but also enhances the resale value of the home.

Our company excels at kitchen remodeling that gives Steilacoom homeowners stunning cooking spaces they love working in and can feel proud to let visitors in. The key aspects we work on for a kitchen remodel project include:

  • Uplifting the aesthetics of the space
  • Maximizing the space utilization
  • Improving the ergonomics
  • Increasing its functionality

The objective of our kitchen remodeling team is to reorganize the old kitchen in such a way that it looks amazing and becomes a lot more efficient than before.

Why Do Steilacoom Homeowners Call Us for Kitchen Makeovers?


Kitchen makeovers in Steilacoom homes are best left to professionals. A kitchen remodel involves much more than replacing the kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops.

Layout changes, expanding storage spaces, adding new fixtures and appliances, modifying the lighting and color scheme, etc., are just some of the tasks involved in kitchen makeovers. Steilacoom homeowners benefit the most when these are done by professionals like us.

We can handle any big or small kitchen remodeling project. We make sure that our services for kitchen makeovers are marked by:

  • Brilliant workmanship and high-quality products
  • A smooth, hassle-free job process
  • On-schedule job completion
  • Jobsite cleanup after work everyday

Call RCW Construction at 253-405-8109 to discuss your kitchen remodeling ideas for your Steilacoom home.