Garage Conversion Fox Island


If you are among the many homeowners in need of a home expansion but your lot space is insufficient for an addition, look to us for an attached or detached garage conversion in Fox Island that blends in seamlessly with your existing home.

We can provide everything you need to create more usable space that can actually add to your curb appeal and increase the value of your home with possibilities such as:

  • A guesthouse
  • A workout area, art studio, yoga or dance room
  • Entertainment space with home theatre, billiards, full bar and music system
  • An open-plan kitchen-dining expansion
  • A light-filled home office with beautiful cabinetry and shelving
  • Private living space for aging parents
  • A new and modern master bedroom with en suite bathroom
  • Flexible family room for small children and teens
  • A general place to bring the party indoors

Whatever you choose, we can create a design and finished construction that allows the entire interior space to be used to its full potential. Call us today!

Garage Remodel Fox Island


With years of experience working with homeowners that have questions about a redesign or refurbishment, we offer great ideas, budget estimates, tips and plans for a successful garage remodel in Fox Island.

Whatever your plans may be to gain extra square footage for your home rather than engaging in a costly move, we can provide solutions for customization that may include services such as:

  • Installing large windows for natural lighting
  • Adding dormers
  • Making wise exterior material choices
  • Choosing new doors that complement the architecture of your home
  • Designing an amazing entryway to add overall appeal
  • Framing new interior walls and adding new insulation
  • Installing interior and exterior lighting
  • Adding HVAC and other operational systems
  • …and much more

We are strong proponents of proper balance and symmetry, taking into account that any interior design effects should complement the exterior.

Call us today to learn more about our full selection of services that can add value to your property investment.

Fox Island Garage Makeover


As licensed custom home building contractors, we can design a Fox Island garage makeover to create an efficient, organized and valuable workspace that is extremely functional.

We are called for all types of customizing projects from flooring to new wiring that may also include:

  • Organized area for tools
  • Storage cabinets and shelving
  • Insulation
  • Work station with countertop and light bar
  • Improved overhead and wall lighting
  • Utility sink
  • HVAC
  • A central vacuum system
  • Overhead storage racks

Whether you require an extensive transformation to provide additional living spaces, a great workshop, or an innovative man cave, we can give new life to this valuable space.

Call RCW Construction to join you in taking a detailed walk-thru and discussion of your proposed project! 253-405-8109