Fircrest Custom Home Builders


Home is where a family lives, grows and creates memories that last through generations. In made-specifically-for-you custom homes, these experiences become even more special.

The people of Fircrest, WA who are searching for skilled custom home builders who can create their custom homes to help them lead extremely fulfilling lives should give RCW Construction a call.

Serving the community since 1990 as custom home builders, we have been helping the residents of Fircrest realize their dreams by providing them with unique custom homes that are an expression of their:

  • Personality
  • Lifestyle
  • Needs and desires

We work hard to ensure that all the projects that we work on in Fircrest as custom home builders culminate in the clients’ 100% satisfaction on becoming the proud owners of custom homes that they absolutely love and belong in.

Fircrest Home Builders


Getting custom homes built can be quite chaotic and time-consuming. More so, if one fails to engage the right custom home builders.

The fear of getting stuck with unprofessional and incapable custom home builders often makes many Fircrest residents buy existing homes instead of having custom homes built.

They need have no such anxieties when they hire us as their custom home builders. Our BBB accredited business has been founded with the sole objective of creating ideal living spaces in Fircrest while taking the stress out of the entire process of building custom homes.

Our vast experience as custom home builders has strengthened our capabilities, enabling us to serve our Fircrest clients with their dream custom homes without:

  • Frustrating delays
  • Unexpected costs
  • Unpleasant surprises

Fircrest Custom Homes


Our excellent reputation as custom home builders, and Fircrest clients’ trust in us drives us to outdo ourselves in every project we handle.

We appreciate that we are respected as thoroughly professional custom home builders and expected to deliver services of superior quality.

To us, this means creating custom homes that add genuine value to our Fircrest clients’ lives. We tower over the other custom home builders that serve the region by offering unmatched excellence in every aspect of custom home building:

  • Design of custom homes
  • Structural engineering and construction
  • Materials used for building custom homes
  • Overall project development and management

When Fircrest residents need honest, capable and affordable custom home builders, RCW Construction is the name they trust. Call (253) 405-8109

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