Are You Ready for a Bathroom Remodel in Your Steilacoom Home?


Bathroom remodeling is a common but important home improvement project. All members of a family spend a lot of time in the bathroom daily.

Their lives are, therefore, significantly improved when a bathroom remodel transforms the area from drab to stylish and efficient.

Bathroom makeovers are also a great way to increase the appeal and value of a home.

If you are ready for a bathroom remodel in your Steilacoom, WA home, get in touch with RCW Construction. We are leading bathroom remodeling contractors who have been serving the community since 1990.

Our comprehensive, personalized services can help you revamp an outdated bathroom to make it modern and more suitable for your requirements.

When you hire our bathroom remodel services in Steilacoom, experienced technicians come in to:

  • Evaluate the bathroom space in your home
  • Understand your bathroom remodel ideas
  • Create an estimated budget for the project
  • Procure necessary permits and materials
  • Carry out the planned changes, installations, and replacements

Bathroom Remodeling Changes Out-Dated to Fabulous!


The typical objective of bathroom makeovers is to make them more attractive, functional, and accessible. Your options for bathroom remodeling in your Steilacoom home include:

  • Replacing the aging toilet
  • Installing new accent pieces like shower heads, faucets, and towel bars
  • Changing the flooring, sink, vanity, tub, or shower
  • Modifying the bathroom layout
  • Adding new mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc.

We offer customized bathroom remodeling services in Steilacoom and can do any minor or major work you want to create an updated bathing area.

Whether you hire us for bathroom renovation in a large home or small bathroom remodel in an apartment, we can be trusted for a fabulous job that leaves you delighted.

Why Do Steilacoom Homeowners Choose Us for Bathroom Makeovers?


Since the very first bathroom remodeling job we took on, we have strive to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

We realize that bathroom makeovers can involve a lot of inconvenience and mess.This is why we go all out to make the bathroom remodel project as stress-free and pleasant as possible for our clients.

Those who choose us for bathroom makeovers in Steilacoom can look forward to services that are:

  • Quick
  • Extremely efficient
  • Thoroughly professional

Our prices are competitive and we try to keep their bathroom remodeling cost to the minimum.

Hire RCW Construction for bathroom makeovers in Steilacoom. We can renovate your outdated bathroom to fit your specific needs, to add quality to your daily life, and to add value to your home. Call 253-405-8109.