Bathroom Remodel Purdy


A bathroom remodel is often required when you are moving into a new house. Or possibly your old bath no longer fits your requirements.

Whether you are moving into a new property or wanting to transform your old bathroom into a cozier and more functional one, RCW Construction can help you with bathroom remodeling in your Purdy, WA home or office. Our team can handle a full bathroom remodel or a partial bathroom remodel for your existing bath.

Purdy residents often want complete renovations or new additions to their bathrooms such as:

  • Updating bathrooms with modern amenities
  • Adding walk-in-showers and replacing bathtubs
  • Renovating bathroom cabinets and changing floor tiles

If you are looking for the best bathroom remodel service in Purdy, WA, call RCW construction for affordable and efficient bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Remodeling Purdy


If you think it is time for a bathroom makeover to realize the bathroom of your dreams, you need bathroom remodeling experts who can design, plan, customize and upgrade the space based on your style, choice of colors, and fixture specifications.

We design with you in mind! We are extremely passionate about creating designs which work beautifully to suit your needs.

Our aim is to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality so that the bathrooms we renovate not only look outstanding but adapt seamlessly to your needs and lifestyle. Bathroom remodeling designs can range from conventional to ultra-modern and everything in between.

In bathroom makeovers, our crew strives to design and modify your bath which:

  • Gives a well-organized look and a good feel
  • Meets your sense of style
  • Allows you a comfortable private space

Call us for a bathroom makeover today and get a bathroom that is going to give you a great start to the day and relax you after a hectic day’s work.

Purdy Bathroom Makeovers


When considering bathroom makeovers, you must keep certain things in mind. You must:

  • Evaluate your needs
  • List things that you miss in your existing bathroom
  • Understand who will use the bathroom
  • Know your budget

Reflecting on these things will give you a clear idea of what you expect from your bathroom remodeling project. We can give you a variety of bathroom remodel ideas to choose from and create a delightfully functional space.

Our steadfast commitment, remarkable workmanship, and vast experience in bathroom makeovers make us the experts in handling bathroom remodeling jobs of all sizes.

For bathroom remodel services for outdated bathrooms in Purdy, call RCW Construction at 253-405-8109. We are the name to remember for bathroom remodeling and bathroom makeovers.