Basement Finishing Fircrest


As a custom home building contractor, we have a professional team with award-winning craftsmanship capabilities that can transform those dark areas of your lower level into beautiful and comfortable living spaces.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and well-equipped to provide design solutions, transformations, and all final touches to create a functional area that will provide extra living space for you and your family for years to come.

These are some of the services included in our basement finishing in Fircrest, but not limited to:

  • Working with you to create the layout
  • Obtaining necessary building permits
  • Prep work including waterproofing as needed
  • Framing the walls
  • Door and egress window installations
  • Installing plumbing
  • Electrical and HVAC if necessary
  • Installation of moisture-resistant drywall
  • Ceiling installation
  • Trim work
  • Painting and flooring
  • Additional finishing touches

This is usually the point at which we turn the basement finishing project over to you for bringing in furniture, decorating and loving your new spaces.

Call us for a consultation and a detailed estimate.

Basement Remodeling Fircrest


If you need to increase the amount of living space in your home and you want the most for your money, you may want to consider basement remodeling in Fircrest as a cost-efficient option.

We have years of experience since 1990 creating lower level livable spaces that are beautiful, comfortable and functional, and add value to your home.

We can work with you on conceptual designs that may include dividing your existing space into smaller rooms, or a transformation of existing spaces into a comfortable area such as:

  • A home theatre and media room
  • A home office
  • Entertainment spaces with a full wet bar, sound system and wine cellar
  • A playroom for the children
  • Family room with billiards, game tables, TV and internet connections
  • A private fitness center and sauna
  • Private apartment for aging parents
  • Extra bedrooms
  • …and other countless ideas

Not only can we create a functional design, but we are experienced in other important considerations involving necessary building codes in your municipality to ensure that proper permits are acquired, and the project is constructed in strict compliance with safety specifications and building codes.

Call us for comprehensive services for every phase of your project!

Fircrest Basement Renovations


If your lower level living spaces are under-used because they are dark and outdated, call us for Fircrest basement renovations to bring new life and greater enjoyment for the entire family.

We can transform the entire area and maximize its potential in ways that you may not have considered by bringing a trendy upscale look, added comfort and function.

To invite greater acceptance and use to these spaces, we can meet the challenges with dramatic changes and updates such as, but not limited to:

  • Removing or painting dark paneling or refinishing the walls
  • Upgrading your lighting with up-to-date fixtures
  • New flooring installations
  • Replacing kitchen countertops and appliances
  • Refacing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and hardware replacement
  • Exposing and enhancing overhead floor joists to attain a modern loft look
  • Updating aged millwork

Call RCW Construction for ideas and solutions that will help recapture the pleasure of a warm and inviting retreat at cost-effective prices. 253-405-8109